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CAD software and 3D scanner

Canfit FootWare Design – Software for shoe lasts and insoles/orthotics

Wiest GmbH has been using and distributing digital technologies for the production of shoe lasts, insoles and footbeds for almost 30 years. With the Canfit™ FootWare™ Design System, you have the option of creating individual shoe lasts and insoles/orthotics. Work directly with 3D scans or select a library shape to customize it according to your patient’s needs, e.g. based on a blueprint. The wide range of tools and measurement options offers maximum design flexibility and control. Once you have modeled a shoe last, you can add a precisely fitting orthotic with just a few clicks.

Conventional plaster and casting techniques can be replaced by the Canfit™ FootWare™ Design System. Reworking of the last is reduced to a minimum. This saves you time when treating each patient.

We would be happy to show you the Canfit™ FootWare™ Design System online. To make an appointment for this, please contact us directly. Thank you very much.

Spectra – hand-held 3D scanner

The mobile, hand-held Spectra™ scanner captures the patient electronically, easily and quickly and creates an exact 3D model. Thanks to the resolution of 0.1 mm, all dimensions and contours are precisely documented. The software transfers the data to your computer in real time, giving you immediate feedback. Add additional information to a scan by applying landmarks. The intelligent user interface of the Spectra™ software enables a quick introduction to scanning technology and simple operation.

In addition to scanning feet and foam boxes, the Spectra™ is also suitable for various applications in orthopaedic technology, such as scanning seat shells.

Yeti – stationary 3D full foot scanner

The Yeti™ 3D foot scanner measures the foot completely three-dimensionally within 4 seconds with more than 300,000 measuring points. As the measurement is contact-free, the scanned shape is not distorted.

This is what the Yeti™ 3D foot scanner offers you:

– Measurement of the foot in seconds
– Very high accuracy of measurements
– Documentation of the foot
– Same measurement results, regardless of who carries out the measurement
– Measurements loaded, partially loaded or unloaded