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Shoe lasts

Our extensive range includes both standard shoe lasts for a wide variety of orthopaedic treatment cases as well as fashionable models. The shoe size and width are required for production. Additional information such as ball, instep and heel measurements increase the accuracy of fit. Own models can be reproduced in different sizes with or without modifications.

We model custom shoe lasts with the CanfitTM FootWareTM Design System. Blueprints with the dimensions of the feet, Copysocks, 3D scans (STL, PLY, OBJ, WRL files) or similar templates serve as a basis. An order form makes it possible to specify certain parameters for modeling. If companies have designed shoe lasts themselves using CAD software, Wiest GmbH can be used as a production partner.

Models for various requirements are also available for insole/orthotic lasts. We scale own prototypes or models for our customers. Custom-made products are manufactured on the basis of foam boxes or 3D scans, for example.

A work or soft orthotic and trial plastic shoes can be supplied to match the shoe lasts.

Further information on our shoe lasts can be found in our general catalog.

Orthopaedic shoe lasts:

Fashionable lasts:
Gross shoe lasts:
Lasts for insoles/orthotics: