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Insoles and orthotics

In addition to standard insoles, we also produce customized series and individual orthotics. The following templates can be used in production:

  • Shoe lasts or insole lasts
  • Blueprints or 2D scans
  • 3D scans or data (STL, PLY, OBJ, WRL files)
  • Foam boxes
  • CopySocks
  • Plaster shapes (positives)
  • Your data from Canfit Footware Design

We use EVA in various degrees of hardness and micro cork, other materials are available on request. The possible height ranges from 3 mm to 80 mm. The toe and heel spacing can also be customized.

Standard insoles are available for e.g. diabetes, rheumatism, sports or fashionable shoes. Customized series are put together according to the corresponding specifications. We assemble individual orthotics separately for each patient in order to guarantee optimal care for each patient. If you need the exact same orthotic for the patient again, you can order it again at any time using the job number.

Examples of inlay and orthotic blanks: